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What UHF do you use with your Autcom?


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Interested to learn what type of UHF units people are using with their Autocom systems.


Also keen to know if your setup allows you to both connect the unit to your Autocom and simultaneously keep it on charge as you ride.


I am looking at the Uniden UH044 but from what I see I think the optional charge lead appears to use the same dual plug as the Autocom lead. Can it charge via the Autocom?

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I'm using a Kenwood tk-3160s (cheap on eBay) it used 7.2v so I bought a cheap voltage adapter from Maplin (Radio Shack type store) it has switchable voltage selection. Wired this directly to the radio, no battery.


So it's on when the bike ignition is on. Works well so far, all fits under the seat with the intercom, alarm, tools etc.





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Thanks for the replies. I was out on the weekend and bought a Uniden UH044 for $40 off in the pre Father's day sales. (Father's day here on Sept 3rd) It is only a 2 watt unit so stated range of 8 km and is not waterproof. Will see how it performs for a while. I am mainly interested in catching the truckie chatter on road conditions etc. Of course some bike to bike when in a group is also nice.

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