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Just above Springville...the redwoods and secret lakes loom


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One of the most visually stunning rides we've been on lately was not far from Bakerspatch...Springville, Ca. and the "Mighty 190" lay just an hours ride away.




Make sure you stop here for a latte.




Turn Left at The Barn...(Balch Park Road) for a little twisty fun.




And then not so much fun




"Slow down for the cute cow," she said. That freakin' cute cow charged us. Fortunately the oilhead is faster than the bovine! grin.gif




But then you get to see stuff like this.




And this




And More


That's just little taste...it's great ride. But dang that is a lOOOOONNNGG 26 miles on the ol' clutch hand. dopeslap.gif


bmweerman ...out

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Thanks for sharing. Been on those roads many times with some riding buddies. The most recent being the middle of June. It is a very nice playground you have in your backyard.

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