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04' 1150RT Throttle Bog


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On a recent one-up 1,200 miler I ran into throttle bog at various highway speeds. The bike ran exceptionally well until the throttle had to be applied quickly - then "flat" spots began to occur. It happened during any outside temperature - I tried and got the same problem at 40F as I did at 95F.

The situation seems to disappear if you downshift at cruising speed to pass, and get the REVS up, or if you remain in 6th and roll the throttle on slowly.


Does this sound like an injector problem, or a sync issue? HELP !!!

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Tx !

Read a lot concerning "surge" but didn't connect it to my problem. Has anyone defined surge? Mine felt like "bog" as the engine momentarily hesitated. I'll try the lerning procedure.

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Let me go fishing here. How long have you owned the RT? How many miles have you ridden it? Did you buy it new? If so, "when." The reason I ask all of this is that in early 04 there was a recall on 04 RT's to re-route some wires. The "symptom" was throttle bog due to cross talk of the wires. It was intermittent. Mine had it. Got the recall work done, bog gone forever.


Just a thought.


BTW, 04's are generally not known to surge.

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