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ST GPS wiring


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Is there a dedicated plug for a GPS connection on the 1200ST?

I know there is one on the 1200 GS; I used it to connect my GPS. I thought all 1200 series bikes had a connection for the BMW navigation system. So far, I cannot locate one on the ST. Any help would be appreciated.

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When I had my GPS installed, the dealer also thought that the ST had a plug up under the tupperware for plug and play GPS power.


Mine did not have it so the dealer made contact with BMWNA. They were told that some of the early production units got it but not all. frown.gif


You will need to tap into the harness. thumbsup.gif

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Had to add an accessory plug to my 1200GS (2005) for the GPS. Didn't realize that it was standard issue with some.


The accessory plug is on all GS's, it's taped to the steering head on the left side and capped.

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