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I lit up my 12GS


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Last night I installed a set of PIAA 510 lights on my 1200GS. The Hepco-Becker tank protectors I have installed have a mounting plate for hanging lights. Unfortunately, the holes provided are 6mm. PIAAs come with 10mm x 25mm hex bolts. I started by drilling out the inner set of holes to 10mm. I replaced the ugly black PIAA 10 x 25mm bolts with stainless 10 x 20mm bolts. A nice set of stainless acorn nuts replaced PIAA's ugly hex nuts. They better match the finish on the Hepco bars and give a more finished look.




To wire it up, I followed the "How To Install PIAA 510 aux lights" from the www.r1200.info web site. This is a milestone for me... the first time I messed with the wiring on my GS. Another milestone... the engine just rolled 1000 miles last night, so now I'm off the wear-in period I can go get dirty!


More pics...









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When I finished my lighting installation (and the relays and fuse block that went with it), I sent H. Marc Lewis, the proprietor of www.r1200gs.info, a note to thank him for all the great information his site provides. It is a great resource, and not just for the GS.

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I see from the pics you have a top-case.....


Check for discussion threads on the GS top-box falling off blush.gif. You may want to follow the recommendation to rivet a plate over the latch support before you find both it and contents squished by a semi. lmao.gif

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Thanks to everyone for their kind replies.


Black... I've been following the topcase thread and keeping a close eye on the condition of the plastic on mine. Tomorrow my sidecases are arriving. Once they show up, I don't think I'll be using my topcase much.

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