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R12RT Turn Signals


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I'm noticing a developing problem: my turn signals are starting to self cancel, and the interval is totally random. Sometimes they behave normally and stay on, sometimes not.


It started on left turns only. When activating the signal, especially on long left turn lanes or longish waits at lights, the signal will shut off. I can reactivate it in the normal fashion.


This was happening only on the left, but has just now started on the right side.


I think this is a new one . . . anyone have ideas? Another water intrusion issue? This bike as yet to be rained on, by the way.

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The signals are supposed to self-cancel. The canceling is based on distance not time, I forget how far it is, maybe a quarter-mile or so? Someone here has probably measured it with a GPS or something ;)

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This doesn't sound normal to me. The signal shouldn't cancel just because of a lengthy wait at a light. I would guess the problem lies with a short at the cancel switch or a computer problem (less likely).


Keep us updated.



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According to earlier posts from those in the know, it's 10 seconds and 650 feet. In other words, both conditions have to be satisfied. You can sit at a red light forever with your signal on and it will not cancel after 10 secs; you have to travel the 650 ft too. This all assumes your signals are operating correctly. Even though they are self-cancelling, it does not tell you that in the manual. I suspect BMW's thinking is that they want you to cancel them manually, and this feature is only a failsafe backup in case you forget. Makes sense to me. Even my 2003 R1150R Rockster had self-cancelling signals, as does my new RT.

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I remember it being 200 meters and maybe 10 seconds. Leaving a freeway and a few other cases I have noticed it being too short but then one just represses it and it stays on. I believe it is a good feature.



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The thing to keep in mind--as noted above--is that it's just designed as a failsafe measure. Depending on when you activate the turn signal and how quickly you negotiate the turn, you may find that your signal is still flashing for a fair distance after you've completed turning. It's best to maintain the habit of cancelling the turn signal manually.

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I just started having problems with my self-cancel after we changed the front tire (not sure this is relavant) I first noticed it turning left, but it happens both directions. I can't figure out a pattern. It happens during downshifting and clutch/braking. My husband called the dealership, he said it's the time/distance thing. My gut tells me this isn't it. I'd rather disconnect it and always manually turn off then have to constantly monitor as I approach an intersection.

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