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VDO rider's info malfunction


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Hey folks, anyone out there experienced trouble with their rider info display? My display on my '96 RT, is inconsistent. At times, I show fuel quantity, but usually there is no quantity shown; the oil temp will show me three bars, but seldom any more than that. So, there's power to the indicator, and it would seem that (at times at least) the transmitter in the tank is working, but I'm getting eronious info if any info at all. The indicated gear, has never malfunctioned amid these other errors. Help? I've got no idea where to start looking on this one.

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Disconnecting the wires to the fuel level sensor in the tank will get you that result, no fuel and a low temp reading. This usually happens when the connector on the inside of the fuel access plate isn't hooked back up following a fuel filter change. In your case it sounds like a poor connection or a broken wire.



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Thanks Stan! I will have to investigate that when I get home. We're planning on taking the RT out to see Rocky Mountain Nat'l. Park, and the Royal Gorge, in a couple of weeks. I would like to find, and fix this problem, if for nothing other than the oil temp.


I'll let you know what I find.



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In my case in was corroded terminals in the VDO cable connector at the RH side of the tank. It was quite a job separating the Molex connector from its socket. After using contact cleaner the fuel level indicator worked as new. Any increase in resistance will cause the display to lower the indicated level. I see a lot of posts where folks spend a lot of time opening up the tank to replace or try to repair the fuel tube float system but in many cases I guess that it will be the connector problem I have described.



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