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Thanks for the PNW sendoff


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Judging by the time of year, fairly short notice, and the big fact that it's a real downer saying goodbyes, I am very appreciative of the sendoff Bigmak put on for me in Dufur, OR this past weekend. In attendance was the Makster and me, Sue (Freedoms Song), Steve Kolseth, Steve Mallinson, Rod Powell (mr Yuk) and via phone, Reed Hanlon.


We camped at a really nice site, ate at a great tavern, relaxed in Shaniko, shared intense things about life, hugged, drank a bit, randomly solved the world's problems, and said sad goodbyes.


I was able to get the 325i running for the trip, and for having 4 wheels it approaches the two wheeler in fun and thrills to travel in.


We missed all you guys who couldn't make it, especially Doc who thought we were in Darfur not Dufur.


Feel free to check in as you get home. I'll post pics as soon as I can upload them.

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It was great to be at the sendoff for "Faster" (as opposed to "Pill"). He is a great guy, and you folks on the righthand coast are darn lucky to have him showing up there. Our loss, your gain.


It was a fun and sad weekend, but filled with best wishes for a guy that can ride with anyone, be it cycle or car. "Faster" - Julie bopped me on the head when I couldn't remember if I passed along her best wishes to you. dopeslap.gif So, best wishes from Julie.


BigMak - Thanks for arranging this. And for solving all the world's problems last night. Damn, wish I could remember some of it. smile.gif Anyway, you should be called BigHeart.


I got home about 4:00 after riding some of the best roads in the area. If anyone hasn't ridden 218 from Shaniko to Fossil, you REALLY need to do it.


I'll try to follow Phil's and Mark's directions to posting some pictures, but don't hold your breath.


Thanks again, and Good Luck to "Faster."


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Rod, I guess you don't even remember giving me Julie's regards, but you did smirk.gif


Here's a couple pics:


Shaniko! It's pronounced shan-ih-koe and that porch is a piece of heaven if you have a few minutes to relax, as Bigmak is doing. The bimmer is the white car on the left.




Here's Kolseth waving goodbye.



Here's Rod on his K12S. Julie's got one too. How cool is that???


So I think we need a "He who must not be named" rally next year. Too bad the un was in Gunny as "He" lives in Ft Collins. And Jamie, of course you're invited. cool.gif Maybe we could all do Torrey or something.

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I had written out a big long post with lots of photos and descriptions, then I hit the wrong key and lost the whole thing. So now you just get lots of photos. I really enjoyed spending time with you guys! I made it home at 1130p on Saturday (so much for getting there early) and ended up on FR 30 to FR 25, Carson to Randle. Enjoy your new adventure Phil!















Left to right: me, Phil, Bigmak, Rod, Steve Kolseth











Net fishing for salmon...





Hwy 14, north side of the Columbia River...




FR 30...this goes on for 80 miles! smile.gif





More photos can be found here: Steve's SmugMug gallery

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