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Tipperary Air Esprit equestrian rider's vest


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I decided to be patience. All their shipments of vests got stopped by Customs due to 9/11 screening. It resembles miltary garb, I should add. It arrived today which is when the guy predicted it would. Others may wanna try another vendor. Though shipping was free here.


This thing is amazing. It makes all my other protective padding gear seem like a joke.


What amazes me is that this thing is SO EFFIN' solid but doesn't restrict mobility. It really seems like they designed it to protect your core and not limit flexibility. With it on I feel like a solider or swat team member. With a jacket over it, I look like an NFL player/turtle lol


I only do street riding. In a serious crash, this baby would really help protect spine/ribs/collarbones/solar plexus/internals. It completely wraps around your torso. Covers everything. It covers the upper third of my booty even! My bohn shirt and jacket's armor is in charge of elbows and shoulders. I have removed my jacket's back protector as I was looking too much like a turtle and it was a joke compared to this vest anyway.


Fits under my JR Ballistics jacket and my Aerostich. Doesn't fit under my Vanson.


This thing definately can't be stored in saddlebags or in a Givi. Although, I'll experiment with it. And will ride with it tomorrow.


For $135 shipped, it's truly incredible protection for your entire torso. Seriously, everything else is a joke. This thing's unreal!



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Eff, would it protect your ribs if they hit, say, your windshield?


I hear about broken ribs a lot, but you don't see much rib protection in gear for motorcycles except for MX.

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I think someone could likely take a baseball bat to my ribs and it would only result in bruising. This thing is serious.


It completely protects the rib cage, all around. It would make broken ribs (I worry about them puncturing lungs, for example) MUCH less likely.


Warning, if your jacket is tight fitting, this won't fit under it. The foam is dense and nearly an inch thick. I suspect almost all with an Aerostich could use the piece.


I'll post pics soon.



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