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Help. Won't start after washing.


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OK. Haven't ridden the bike for four days.


Today I washed it (without starting it) and got this:


With key on I get the red lights for oil,ABS and Battery, though they seem dimmer than normal.


With key off, RID reads 00.00, like it has recently been reset. Once key is on, RID light flashes on, then nothing on the RID. No low beam / high beam or PIAAs (which normally operate at turning of key)


Buzzing sound (while key is on) comming from square type (not flat) fuse 4 (Load relief relay?) or 5 (Horn Relay).


Background. I did wire my garage door opener into my high beam switch two weeks ago, but have been running it daily without incident until today.


Are these standard symptoms for a drained battery or do I have a water related fault to look for?


I'm putting it on the tender tonight to see if I can awaken her.

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