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Lucas Syn Oil


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Anybody tried Lucas 75/140 syn gear lube in their gear box and or final drive?


No, but I wouldn't put 75/95 in my gear box again. I was in the desert 3 days (100+ degrees) and my gearbox sounded like loose bolts in a tin can.

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I've also wondered about the Lucas, I use Lucas oil treatment in my old Ram and swear by it.

I just didn't want to be the one starting another (gear) oil debate.. lmao.gif


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I run the Lucas 90-140 oil in my gearbox. I see no reason to run the synthetic in it although I have not tried it. I have tried mobil 1, pennzoil, valvoline in the light and heavier weights. IMHO the Lucas has noticeably less clunk both cold and hot.

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