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Learning what's what on R1100RT


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Hi Folks,


I'm slowly going over my new (for me) R1100RT working out what is what. Inside the tail section are two (2) 'black boxes'. They are cable tied to the frame rails. One of them appears to be connected via a loom to the tail/turn signals, so I'm guessing that one is the control box for those (although there is a wire coming out of it that appears to go nowhere (colour indeterminate). Can anyone tell me what the other one is ? Its connected via loom to somewhere forward.


I can post pics if needed, but figured with the wealth of knowledge here someone is sure to know what I'm rabbitting on about grin.gif





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Hi Don,


Just took a look under my seat (R1100RT - '97) and other than things I have added, I only have one box - this is my alarm/immobiliser and has a (fairly substantial) loom heading back to the fuse box. I cannot see anything that would resemble control for the tail/turn lights. Did the P/O have one of those fancy top-boxes with the brake lights? Stick an AVO between a -ve and the wire coming out and see if you get 12v with the brakes on.




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