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Mounting luggage to trunk?


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I bet if your top box is full and you mount a duffle bag to the top you will be exceeding the manufacturers recommended maximum loading for the top box, check you user handbook.


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I will mount a small dry bag up there. I have Givi luggage on my Blackbird and use their rack atop the E460. Do use straps rather than bungee cords or a net and keep it light and small. Light to avoid overloading the rack, it is bolted through plastic, and small to avoid aerodynamic problems that could lead to instability at speed.


I used to think I had no problems with that aspect as my GS would only hint at some instability when riding in a straight line at speeds over 110 mph. Then one day, while riding at about 85, I caught a wake turbulance from a truck in just the wrong way and the bike went into a severe oscillation on me. No warning, no little weave like it did at higher speeds, bike went into a sudden and pretty violent weave that cleared of its own volition, I was just along for the ride at that point, but not until the speed dropped below 50.

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