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New CIP Update from BMW?


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It appears to me that it is the dreaded ( at least in my case) fix for the battery draining some bikes have had. If your bike is not having this problem, don't get it done. If you use your accessory sockets for GPS, radar detectors, etc., it will not recognize the load and shut it off. Mine does this and there is no fix avaliable.



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I have been having problems lately with my battery going dead. So far I have not used the accessory plugs at all. I did add an accessory plug to the rear port by the seat but have never used it. As a matter of fact my bike is at LB BMW right now for this issue and a couple of recall notices being addressed. What exactly is the problem?

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Read the document carefully. Updates to cure functionality and drivability defects may also bring new changes that are undesirable.



IMPORTANT: Reprogramming back to the previous software version is not possible!


For instance, my 1200 is running flawlessly, but my oil level function is not accurate. It indicates the oil is low when in fact it is at the proper level. There is a fix for this that involves replacing the float and updating to CIP 6.0 or better.


I decided to live with the oil sensor problem and avoid the potential risk of the other unwanted and undesirable changes that may come with software update.

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My understanding of the description is that it should fix at least one prior fix -- i.e. that it addresses the accessory socket shutdown problem that arose from fixing the battery drain problem. It also looks like they're tweaking some fuel mapping for better low speed throttle response and cold starting, and trying to address the erratic gear indicator and fuel gauge behaviors. If BMW got these right, they could alleviate a lot of gripes riders have reported. And none too soon.

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have been having problems lately with my battery going dead.


Per the Service Bulletin:


Subject: Flat Battery

Date: November 2005

Bulletin # 61 001 05 (058)


BMW Motorrad USA

Service and Technical

All models with CAN bus. (K25, K26, K28, K40, K43)


As of the VINs listed below, the motorcycles are supplied ex-factory with new software for the BMS-K and the ZFE control units.

R 1200 GS - ZL 78424

R 1200 RT - ZM 15816

R 1200 ST - ZM 30289

K 1200 S - ZM 26386

K 1200 R - ZN 55016



New programming software is now available for the ZFE and the BMS-K. The new programming addresses the following issues, each of which could produce a draw on the battery, leading to a flat (dead) battery condition.



Issue # 1: The rider inadvertently switches on the parking light. New Software: Parking light does not come on unless the switch for the left turn indicator is pressed for 3 seconds.


Issue # 2: Damaged ZFE control unit would create an idle current of up to 100 mA at the on-board socket.

New Software: Improved current/voltage monitoring of the on-board socket.



Issue # 1: If the ignition is switched “On” and “Off” twice within one second, the BMS-K remains switched “On” and draws a current of approximately 330 mA.

New Software:The new software prevents this from occurring.

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actually, the new software and float make the oil level indicator work perfectly....I have not experienced any other undiserable side effects. Go for it, you will be happy. YMMV

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I noticed a short while ago that I have the horn problem on my '06 RT, i.e., several short blasts in a row and horn stops working. If I get this update, that means I get all the R-bike changes whether I want/need them, right? My bike is Feb 06 production and I've never had any problems (that I've noticed) with the oil check display, nor accessory sockets (and I've got 3 of them). Any suggestions (and no, I have not yet talked to the dealer).

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Your dealer can update only the ZFE (controller for horn and accy. sockets) and leave all other controllers untouched.



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