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Fog light bulbs...


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It's time to replace the fog light bulbs on my 1150RT. One went out just before Torrey, and the other has now given up.


I believe that that the correct bulb is an H3. (As found in a search of the forum.)

I've also seen suggestion to use the Osam SilverStar (as opposed to the Sylvania, which is a blue tinted bulb.)


Is the SilverStar available as an H3?


A recommended vendor (http://www.powerbulbs.co.uk) has them in H1, H4, and H7. No H3 listed.




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Kathy and I just replaced the left fog light on her 1150RT yesterday....Look for a recent thread in Oilheads that I started a few days ago to get some info from others on how to get at these little devils...

We pulled the fairing on the left side and could change the bulb without having to mess with the horn...Some guys replace the bulbs without taking fairing off but unbolting the horn....I give them great credit; it would be a bear to do it that way (particularly looking through bifocals!!). Did have problem getting screws straight when replacing fairing, but that's another story blush.gif...

BMW part number for stock bulb is:

07 11 9 978 391 and costs $6.40......

I did buy a Silverstar H3 first for about $20.00 but decided just to go with the stock light and took it back....



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