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Hi All,


I'm starting to get a whiff of fuel at start-up. If I lower my head between the bars I get the odor. At no other time is it detectable. I have not found any visible leaks, nothing on the garage floor. The bike is a 96RT, 61K on the clock. Never had the tank pulled except for fuel filter done at 30K. Fuel lines have never been replaced; do I presume a fuel leak, is the fuel pump venting, or is it normal and I never paid attention? Is there anything I should be looking for?


AS always, I appreciate all the insight from the board....

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Not trying to insult you by stating the obvious....Are you sure that the fuel door is all the way closed? Once I stopped for gas, thought I had closed it. My tank bag was covering it. I kept smelling gas and figured it out after a few miles.

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I was having the same 'odor at startup'

For me, it turned out to be the charcoal cannister and purge valve were plugged. Are you getting a vacuum 'wooshing sound' when you open fuel cap for fillups?

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If you're not getting the vacuum buildup in the tank then I believe your lines should all be clear. But if you want to check, pull the vacuum line from the cannister leading to the purge valve (it's the 'highest' nipple on the cannister) you may need to loosen the can from its mount for better access, no big deal. Follow the hose uo and behind the Fuse box as it wraps forward on the left side, there you'll find the purge valve (just behind the left side tupperware) pull the hose and blow air thru it to see if it's plugged. If you're careful you may be able to 'flex' the tupperware just enough to reach in. I have no idea on how to check the purge valve, other than finding it full of granules when you shake it. As for the cannister when I turned it upside down, the granules poured out. Good luck.

Have you shined a flashlight into the rightside tupperware from the front? You'll get a good view of all the lines entering the fuel tank, check for leaks.

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