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Caribou(pelican) case Cee Baileys liner


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Hmmm, don't like that top loader function for the liner. I use a Helen 2 Wheels liner from an LT top case in my Givi bags, similar shape. and work like a dream. The side zips are much more convenient than a top zip. Comes from the days in the Army when whatever I wanted out of my duffle bag was always on the bottom, no matter where I packed it originally. According to my father, his sea bag did the same thing.

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the zipper goes around the L & R and top edge. see picture when open. it's a side load.

here's the complete system for the GS.


it's made for the adventure rider type. if you don't leave the pavement no need. meant for dirty boys only, especially us western riders. not much adventure to be found in fla. stronger than OEM and jesse's.


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