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XM Roady dashboard mount and antenna location


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1. Anyone mounted the cradle 'permanently' on the dash of an RT? If so, where and how. I'm thinking JB Weld but then I fit most of the 'you might be a redneck if . . . ' categories.

2. with system cases and top case on the bike, where's the best place to locate the antenna, and how did you attach it? ("You might be a redneck if you pose two part questions lookin for three part answers.")





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All your questions answered in one solution with the Roady Mount from Cycle Gadgets, I think. Puts the cradle up on the master cylinder (brake or clutch) has a place for mounting the antenna and provisions to coil up the wire. I took apart the cigar lighter plug and glued the circuit board into a pill box and ran a 12volt lead from my tankbag with a coaxial power plug for a disconnect.

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You probably aren't going to get many more replies. Ed's way is definately the way to go. You can try and glue it, but keep in mind, you might be getting a completely new XM in a year or two ... maybe sooner if you get caught in a rainstorm or two. With the brake res. mount, it's pretty inexpensive and rock-solid. If you wire it with the 12v lead the way Ed explained and buy the rain cover for that mount, you'll have a very reliable setup.

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I use the Hoon Hardware bracket for the Roady on my Roadster.


For a rain cover, I just use a Zip Loc bag over it, secured with a rubber band. For some reason, I have no problem spending money on electronic gadgets, but the money they wanted for the rain cover was too much for me.






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I mounted my Roady2 on the dash of my '02 R1150RTP using the stock XM mount and some double stick tape, ran the three wires through a 3/8" drilled hole made next to the mount, and mounted the antenna behind the dash (yes, under the tupperware)on the metal framework.


I ran the 1/4" audio wire under the dash and attached it with a plastic wire connector to the tank fairing bolt so it doesn't move around.


I hard-wired a power supply behind the dash and put a toggle in to cut the power (power supply has a LED that would draw the battery).


BTW, I get excellent reception through the tupperware.

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