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I have a R1200C. I bought it a few years ago from a private party. When I bought it, there was a scratch towards the bottom of the muffler on the right side. About two months ago, I decided I would get the muffler rechromed to get rid of this scratch. I took the muffler to a plating shop where I live. This is the only chrome plating shop in the city. After a month they finished rechroming the part, I brought it home and installed it and went for a thirty minute ride. The next day, I noticed that all the chrome was blistering and falling off the muffler. I took it back to them to rechrome the part. After many trials of rechroming and no success, they tell me the part is made of stainless steel and you can not chrome stainless steel; they tell me all they can do is to polish the part. I went to get the part today after this polishing procedure and I am not happy with the results. There are brush marks throughout the surface. The overall appearance of the muffler is worse than when I first took it to the chrome plating shop. After two months of the run-around and stringing the schedule along, I am no longer comfortable with anything this shop tells me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Stainless WILL polish up, with enough time and effort - perhaps you could find a better polisher, or even do it yourself? Don't know what to do about the shop, other than to let them know you're not satisfied, and don't think you should have to pay for the job(s.)


I've got a Staintune exhaust on my RT - it's shiny as hell.

I'm just not a "chrome" kind of guy, so it's a little embarrassing. I've even thought about taking steel wool to it to give it a 'brushed' look...)

But it sounds great without being terribly loud.


I had an 'incident' with the exhaust last fall at Torrey - a weld failed, and the pipe came off the bike. Staintune stood behind their product, and send me a brand new replacement exhaust system, even though the pipe had about 36000 miles on it at the time. I couldn't recommend the product or company more highly.




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Jerry Johnston

That's strange.....years back I used to turn capstans for a large tape deck out of stainless and then had them chromed in a dull finish (unpolished) and they worked well. Maybe you should write or phone other chrome finishing places and see if the statement is true about not being able to put a chrome finish on and then polishing it.

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