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Bad Experience with American Motorcycle Tire


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I have used SW Moto Tire over the years and been very satisfied. I tried to save $5 and went with American Moto Tire.


Bad move.


I received my shipment notification and figured all was well. When the tire didn't show up when Fedex said it would, I called Fedex. American never gave them the tire to ship!


Then I ran into their "email only" system. They did respond to my somewhat angry email quickly.


They found another tire and sent it out that night. What I thought was dumb is that they sent it via ground just like the first tire.


Now I am sitting here waiting another week for my tire.


We had a bunch of email exchanges where I asked to have the shipping plus cost of mounting back to ease the problems they caused.


In a rather terse response they will refund the shipping but do nothing else.


"Refunding your shipping cost can be done. Refunding your mounting fee, we will not do. You will see your shipping cost of $11.54 refunded to your account within 24-48 hours. This is final. Thank you."


That's a decent gesture but the attitude in their last email has sunk it for me. Back to SW Moto I go.



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