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Surprise hit


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On Monday evening I was returning from the store and at the intersection to turn home noticed my beeeaauutifulll K go by with Mike on it! Surprised as to why he wouldn't be on his bike, I turned to follow him. There was a suv inbetween us and in town we all came to a stop as a pedestrian was crossing the street in a crosswalk. To my surprise, Mike was off the bike and approaching the driver in the suv - oh sh*t, she hit him! We all pulled over to the curb and after knowing that everyone was ok, my attention turned to the bike. The fender was curled up over the tire, that's all that could be seen - whew. So got the fender pulled down, reflector broken, plate a little scrunched, a cover plate from up underneath was in the road and wouldn't go back on correctly and the tire looked ok at first look.


Mike rode the bike home and we called insurance companies; I couldn't sleep not knowing about the bike, so got up and took it out for a short slow ride up the street - it felt thumpy and I knew something wasn't right! We had put the bike on the centerstand and in gear let the wheel spin, it was out of round for sure and when you grab it from the side, it has some play.


Bike was trailered into Max's with the help of friends and so far we've got a wheel, tire and fender replacement. I'm concerned that from the rear things look off center and that perhaps the frame in back is bent??? Will know more today/tomorrow.


Mike says he's glad (what a way to put it) that he was on my bike and not the Fatboy as he thinks he would have gone over the front of the bike and possibly had damage to his privates eek.gif Not to mention that he was only wearing shorts and a tee. He said the tank and fairing held him back in the seat as he squeezed the bike.


So, trip to NC is a gonner, but there is a track day for wowmen at NHIS 8/22 - maybe the bike will be ready for that.


My poor K bncry.gif

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I am honestly glad that no one was hurt. The deal is live to ride another day. Blessings to you and your husband. I also hope the bike is ok and you enjoy your next ride.

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My poor K bncry.gif
Oh, man that does suck, HUGELY!! bncry.gif


I'm glad he wasn't hurt and I hope you get everything put right before your track day.


And hey, tell Mike to get his OWN K-bike (and get some gear)! dopeslap.gifgrin.gif

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That really sux that your bike wasn't fixed in time for your trip to NC. Glad Mike is okay! Deb and I were looking forward to seeing you again.



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Yuck. SUV's should put out some cell phone death ray that makes it impossible to be on the phone while in one of those leviathons. Don't know if it contributed to Mike's incident, but sure is a factor many times.

Glad he is well. The bike will heal.

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Glad to hear that Mike is OK, Moto can be repaired. When you took the bike for ride and noticed a thumpey feel are you sure you weren't riding the Fatboy grin.gif. The track shouldn't be a total lose I'm sure Mike will lend you his Fatboy, a word of caution, Compared to the K it will feel like a top heavy wheel barrow in the corners.

This is starting to sound like a Hardley Ableson bashing thread, I'm just speaking from experience. Again glad to hear Mike was not injured. Looking forward to a fall ride.

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Hey, thanks everyone grin.gif


Estimate is done, check has been issued, parts will be ordered Tuesday and bike hopefully will be ready in time for Finger Lakes rally. If not, it'll be Mike's head here dopeslap.gif


Week that was going to be taken for NC is now being carried over to next year - thinking, Wisconsin next year for national's rally thumbsup.gif


Take care everyone, and no more mishaps grin.gif

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