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Metzeler cost


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I got my first flat tire this weekend. My back tire had about 6000 miles when it picked up a nail on the road. I took my tire off the bike and headed for my local BMW dealership.

Metzeler Z6/180 $220.95

Wheel weights 6.90

labor 35.00

tax 18.40


total 281.25

Is this a fair price for my back tire?

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No. go to: southwest moto.org . It is about 130$ plus 14$ delivery (free if you buy 2) then take of the wheel and go to a cycle gear or a japanese dealer, it is about 20$ for mount and balance. I do my own because I live very remote.

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John Bentall

Same situation here in the UK. BMW dealers buy so few tyres that they are unable to take advantage of bulk-buy discounts from the manufacturers. They will often fit for free at the same time as a service.

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Is there any concern about a Japanese dealer working with BMW wheels? What about balancing? Is the equipment the same for both kinds of wheels?


I have a Honda (but not BMW) dealer close by, but have avoided this option for fear that they will scratch my rim, and not take responsibilty since "they are doing me a favor", especially if I bring in my own tires.


Are any of these concerns valid?



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I paid less for wheels on new tires at the dealer for Z-6's, but it was in that neighborhood... which is why my tire changing machine is on the way in the mail...

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Did that price include a fan-belt for you bite down on when it's time to drop your pants and bend over?


You can find ront+rear tire combos for less than $200. online. Mounting and balancing should be $20-$30 per tire at most bike shops.

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