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The Panzer gets new lights


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I acquired some PIAA bulbs to replace the stock lights on the Panzer [ thanks George , and I haven't forgotten that I still owe you for these ] , and tonight decided to , in my own ham fisted manner [ ask Andy and George ] to attempt to fit them tonight , without removing any panels , and by following the " oh so easy " instructions in the manual .


A shot of the stock lights ...........








and the new ones ..........






Obviously , you need to be an OCTOPUS , and be usewd to working blind via yer fingertips to do this , but somehow I blagged my way through , without breaking anything , or losing my patience ....which is a miracle for me .so I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself , even though this may be nothing by other peoples standards .


I'm off out in a little while , to see how they fare .



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See, I knew you could do it grin.gif

There is a realy noticeable difference with those lights. During our end-to-end ride, one of George's PIAAa failed and he fitted a standard light bought from a filling station. The difference between the two bulbs was remarkable even in daylight. The next day my dip beam failed and I ended up buying an own-label Xennon lamp from Halfords for £16, also much brighter than standard though I do not know how it would compare to a PIAA.


Andy thumbsup.gif

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Now at least I might be able to see the pheasants before they impale themselves on the Panzer !!



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