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MC Cruise


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I ordered and successfully installed the MC Cruise unit on my '04 R1150rt. I am really having a time trying to get all the adjustments dialed in. Is there anyone out there that has this same sytem and has it dialed in? I need to know the initial throttle pull number as so far the seven that the manual says to start out with isn't working for me. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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Have just installed one myself with no problems.

Do you mean the number of times you have to press the set button in diagnostic mode in order to increase engine revs??

If so my manual says 10-20 times before it will increase and that is what it took.


Any real problems suggest you email Tony and Frank direct at mcsetup@bigpond.net.au. They are very approachable. Otherwise keep on plugging and let me help if you wish.

Please keep us posted regardless. thumbsup.gif


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