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I am interested in attaching an additional fuse box to attach accessories to (Centech AP-1). Is there a way of attaching it so that it is linked to the ignition to turn everything off when the bike is off? Thanks for any help!


Ride Safe & Avoid the Gravel!

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Mine is connected to the battery through a relay which is switched by power to the taillight. Everything goes on and off with the key and if I want to run the accessories without the bike you can still turn the key to "Park" and get just the accessories and parking lights on.

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Thanks for the info! Did you connect inline to the brake wire or through the fuse box for it? Also, what have you found to be the best way to tap into the ATO fuse? I have looked for a fuse tap that extends the fuse holder, allowing for a fuse for the slot you are tapping into and one for the new feed, but the only ones I can find are rated for 10amps max and the fuses I am tapping into are 15amp. It gives me concern to just jam the fuse in with a wire under it, not to mention how UGLY it is. Any thoughts?

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I put a ring on the end of an inline fuse holder and connected the ring to the + battery terminal. The other end of the fuse holder went through the relay to the aux fuse panel. For the coil of the relay, I ran a wire to the taillight assembly and used a 1/4" spade "Y" to tap into the taillight + connector. I thought it was easier to run back to the tail light than pull the fusebox apart to tap the tail light circuit there. Grounds for the relay coil and a bus at the aux fuse panel were tied together and connected to the battery - terminal.

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FANTASTIC! Thank you for the effort in replying and for the tremendous effort in documenting the surgery. Great job in taking care of your bike and taking care of your fellow riders.

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Try this link:




This is info for installing a Blue Sea Fuse Box with the power switched. This is how I installed it on my bike and it works great....the Blue Sea is available at a number of online marine dealers and is probably cheaper than the Centech. Although the diagram for wiring the relay should work with the Centech as well.

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Nice, clean set-up. Couple questions:

1) You do not show a relay for your moto-lights. Did they not come with one or did you chose to simply not use it.

2) You have 4 devices hooked to the 3amp fuse for the Autocom. Not a problem with that load?

3) Any suggestions on a good source for the Blue Sea, and if so, do they also carry the relay.

4) Got a pic of your FF50 set-up. I am always interested in new mounting options.


Thanks again.

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A clarification....the link doesn't describe my setup...it's info that I used as a basic for my setup.

I am using motolights... the feed from the BlueSea is going to the relay supplied with the Motolights and I am using an AutoSwitch to control the Motolights. I don't have any FF50's in my setup. I decided to put the electronics on seperate circuits....so I have a feed for my GPSMap 376c and another feed powering the V1. The BlueSea is Model 5025 and it will cost about $27. Do a Google search on Blue Sea....I can't remember who I got it from but there are plenty of retailers online who handle it.

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