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Popping on decel / R1200GS


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My '06 GS pops on decel, particularly in lower gears. It is much worse if I take the slack up in the throttle vs. just closing it fully.


The dealer says popping on decel is normal but I didn't ask them about it getting worse when I take the slack up (which I just figured out today). Other posts on the 'net say some level of popping/burbling is normal, but this seems excessive to me.


It's quite loud -- louder than a sport-tourer with a race slip-on in need of a jet kit, so I'd like to quiet it down, even if it is normal. Any thoughts?

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Hi Marc I dont know what other sport tour bikes youve had remember its a twin not a 4 its going to pop & make all sorts of interesting sounds good luck.



V11EV Moto Guzzi

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The first thing I'd check is exactly the same valve clearances. And I'd do it yourself so you can check it exactly.

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If it is that loud, it doesn't sound right. They do burble on the overrun and pop gently but it shouldn't beat a sportsbike with an aftermarket can!


Leak in the exhaust system?

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Paul's right...Small pops are normal as per dealer. Loud pops ( backfires ) aren't. Have the dealer check for exhaust leaks, and also check the Throttle bodies are clamped TIGHT. I had mild pops/ backfires up until the 10,000km service. Seems a good valve adjust and TB sync has cured it now, finally. Made a heck of a difference to the vibes too..... waaaaaay better.


Good luck.. !

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