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Spark plug socket


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I just called A & S BMW to order among other things a spark plug socket for a R1200RT. The parts man told me I needed two because the plugs were different sizes on all twin sparks.. I told him I thought he was mistaken so he checked with his service manager who also said I would need two different size sockets for that bike..I told him I had just removed all four just three days ago and that I only used one socket.. I again told him it was for an 05 RT..I think he at that time decided I was wasting his time and we ended the conversation. Can anyone tell me what size spark plug socket I need for my 05 R1200RT..or have I totally lost it?? confused.gif

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Jim VonBaden
All 4 are the same. Get a 5/8" plug socket, thin wall, a locking exension and have at. thumbsup.gif

Other 4 plugers have 2 sizes. confused.gif


Yup! I use a turned down Craftsman from Uli.


Jim cool.gif

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