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Arkansas Fun


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Spent the weekend in Arkansas on the RT this time. I go over on the DR650 sometimes to ride the gravel/dirt roads and fire trails through the Ozarks and Ouchita Mountains. Met my brother who came up from Louisiana. Started just east of Eureka and traveled down Hwy 21 to Hwy 43 and Ponca, AR. Lots of elevation changes and twisties to play on here. Ponca is the Elk Information center for Arkansas. Didn't realize Arkansas had Elk til a few weeks ago. After Ponca we headed east across Hwy 74 to Hwy 7, more elevation changes and twisties. I love these roads. We stopped in Jasper for breakfast at the Ozark Cafe. A local attraction and decent food. After breakfast we are off to Booger Hollow. An old tourist stop that is no longer open, but worth a photo op. We continue south and then pick up Hwy 16 east to Clinton. Lots of twisties here thumbsup.gif and the smiles to go with them. We then head back west and go to Mount Nebo state park. Up an 18% grade with Colorado type switch backs, but with guard rails and trees. Nice park on top the hill with camping and a big swimming pool. After Nebo we head over to Magazine Mountian with another park and we stop at a pavilion for a water break. The clouds are rolling in and I am hoping for some rain to cool things down a little. I get my wish plus more. We had hard rains with small hail for about thirty miles and then just light sprinkles. It did help bring the tempature down considerably. We then take the back roads over to Mena, AR for the night. Arkansas has some pretty scenery and some nice roads to cut loose on. Most of the roads are well maintained and not much traffic. Sunday morning we went our separate ways home. I made my way back to the flat lands of Oklahoma and have begun planning the next ride to Missouri for some more twisty roads and lots of fun.

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Paul Mihalka

Northwest Arkansas has some real nice riding. I was there for the Eureka Springs Unrally and went back last year coming back from fall Torrey. Great riding, good roads, little traffic. Everything is very reasonable compared to East or West coasts.

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Calvin  (no socks)

I also had fun in Arkansas on the way to the Un. I ran into an un-announced rally of sorts! They had all been there for awhile and were already trashed, and on Sunday morning no less. eek.gif


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I was surprised at how much northern Arkansas resembled West Virginia. One of our favorites places there is the town of Mountain View. Excellent roads all around and in the evening you'll find live music on the court house lawn. A great way to end the day. thumbsup.gif

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Shawnee Bill

Sounds like a great weekend.


I am planning on attending a M/C First Responder class in Big Flat this Saturday.

I will ride over Friday afternoon, camp somewhere close then be in class by 8:30. Should get out early afternoon.

Then I have to be back in Shawnee Saturday night.

Going to touch some of those roads on the way over and back. Plus a lap up and back on Push Mountain Road clap.gif


I think they have room for one more.

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Always enjoy riding the Ozarks. You probably already know you passed some great riding in Eastern OK... that many don't know about. Essentially the western edge of the Ozarks. Hwy 20 near Spavinaw is sweet. Of course, there is the Talimena, but so many other great roads... plus the great lakes/reservoirs of eastern OK.

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Eastern OK does have some great roads also. Just not as many. I live north of Tulsa and usually head east to Arkansas and take in the twisties in OK on the way over. I am always looking for new places to ride and take a lot of out of the way roads to see what lies beyond the next curve. I love the surprises I find along the way.

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