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Costa Rica Riding on a KTM


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Aah, just as I remember it from a couple years ago when I went. We stayed down in Manuel San Antonio.


Beautiful country!!!!!! You are so right about the roads and the drivers! We were in a cab one day and the steering wheel literally pops off the steering shaft!!!! Cabbie looks back with this bellowing laugh and the steering wheel in his hand. My wife and I tell the guy to stop. Nope! He just turns back around, shows the wheel back on the shaft and keeps going! Holy S*&$! Cabbie couldn't stop laughing the rest of the ride into Jaco.


We jumped out and went straight to the restaurant for a beer, or was it four!!!


Nice tale. Thanks for reminding me of the time we had! grin.gifthumbsup.gif

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I'll always have a place in my heart for Costa Rica. It is a great place - spent a coupla years there myself. Never ridden a cycle there though. It would seem a KTM was MADE for that place.


You do get used to the driving eventually though. Last time I was down there, I drove basically the whole country in a day (Flamingo to Puerto Viejo) in a Toyota Yaris (think Echo). Not fun - especially because there had just been a storm and the road had been washed out, so the detour involved banana farms, water crossings and one railroad bridge...


I've always thought that they made the roads the way they are just to make their country appear bigger because it takes longer to get wherever it is you want to go.


But anyway. Driving is a different experience, but I do miss the fact that traffic infractions are much easier to, um, deal with. smile.gif (My personal record is two tickets "taken care of" in the Dom Rep and CR within two weeks for only $25 total. thumbsup.gif )


However, if you think driving around is bad (I don't, but I'm used to it), try riding in one of the buses...


You did get around - didn't you?


Thanks for sharing.

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Yes Eric, awesome views!! The first one is the Arenal Volcano and hot springs!! Fantastic place I have to say. The second was from the Hotel in the Monteverde cloud forest. It too is spectacular. The final blue and white ones are in Dantica Lodge. It is one of the prettiest places on earth. Ancient oaks and furs. You saw the view from my room and it is literally surreal. I can honestly say i will go back to visit Dantica Lodge. The Pan Am highway is that foggy mess at the end of the vid. Crazy on a bike!!! My 4th time there....will return next year as well. Care to jon me?? grin.gif Later, Dave

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