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Denver Scooter Rally (no...really!)

Mike O

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On my trek from dealer to dealer looking for new boots, I happened upon a local Ducati store which coincidentally sells a fair number of scooters. It turns out they're hosting one of two in the nation Scooter Rally's. After I scoped out the boot selection, I wandered outside and was amazed at the participation by folks from ALL over the U.S.


It appears this rally is not a whole lot different from others I've attend of the motorcycle variety. Lots of vendors, food, amusement stuff, and folks just generally sharing and drueling over each others scoots.




The most basic of scooters...




Completely restored (didn't catch the manufacturer); spotless




Not enough mirrors or lights on this one. Definetly wanted to see and be seen!




Ahh...the 'Boy Racer'. Didn't look very close, but this scooter had clip-ons, ohlins, and a custom Remus exhaust (I think:)




Commissioned by the U.S. Navy (?), complete with little jets, fins, and notice the exhaust!




And this scooter was prepared for the next IBA... (or at least an SS1000)




CHeck out all the electronics (2 GPS, XM, Intercom...)




I wondered if maybe Rocky Mayer did this custom seat?




How about a mini-Harley Dresser complete with sidecar???




This scooter on the left is clearly from Texas. Only someone from Texas would go to the trouble of mounting 'steer horns on the front. While the one on the right is probably from Florida (or California) as it's set up for snorkling!




And the scooters pround Papa,




and Mama....





ATGATT... (since I was out shopping for new boots, I asked him if his were waterproof; he wasn't amused)




These folks were having a blast inspecting all the scoots, admiring the handiwork, asking lots of questions, and socializing. Just like one of our rally's only with smaller two-wheelers and a lot less gear (save the fella above - I'm thinking of getting my hair done that color!)


The rest of the photos can be seen here.


Enjoy and Regards,


Mike O

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what a cool bunch of scooters!!! I really liked the "Blue Angels" jet one.. it was too cool!!

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Nice! cool.gif


I'm seeing more and more scooters on the road around here, and some of them are getting so big and well-equipped that I've accidently waved at a few. dopeslap.gifgrin.gif


How many trailers were nearby? wink.gif

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Yes...I just left a post in the support forum for Les.




Mike O


After some experimentation with smugmug (and help from Greg!), I may have landed on why sometimes smugmug serves up photos and sometimes it doesn't. If you don't get photos in this post, please P.M. me.


BTW, there was 4 pages of Denver Post press coverage on this event as well. Turns out Denver is a 'hot spot' for scooter use in the nation (not driving around downtown area, I guess I wouldn't have noticed).




Mike O

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That's really cool just to see people passionate about two wheels...large or small. Each has a purpose.


Tahnks for the posting.

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