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Now THAT was cool!

Jim Moore

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These guys:




held a newby track day at Jennings in North FL yesterday. It was so fun that I can hardly stop giggling. Cool bikes, loud noises, shredded tires, and speed, speed, speed (well, not for me, but other people were going really fast).


The best part of the entire day was the way the guys from 2wheel tours ran the sessions. Everything was done in a safe, controlled, and professional manner. The control riders did an outstanding job of keeping the sessions organized and flowing smoothly. I can't say enough about these guys. If you want to do a track day, but you've never done one and you are a little leery, do it with these guys. They told me yesteday that they hold the beginner days a few times a year. I can't wait for the next one. Whoo hoo!

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...Did you ride the GS?

Heck yeah! I was the only one who didn't trailer to the event. I got some funny looks when I showed up and started offloading the bags, folding chair, cooler, etc.

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