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i got a short somewhere


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hi guy,s ain,t posted in while but went to start the beast today (97 r1100rt) and battery was flat this has happened before even with a tender on it . Have any of you guy,s/gals had this problem ,the battery is new and checks out a.o.k the alternator is pumping good charge . So before i start stripping the t/ware to test everything is this a common problem on the rt and if so has anyone got any good tips to remedy this as ever thanks in advance. dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif

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Check to make sure the power outlet you are using to 'charge' your battery is actually connected to something. The accessory sockets are fused.



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First off, stating the obvious which I am sure you have covered, make sure that the switch is off and the steering lock on, the position before that is an Aux setting and some circuits are still live - it is the 'radio' position.


If you have access to a multimeter, check the battery voltage with the engine off and the fault present. Measure between the + terminal and the - terminal, then between the + and the chassis. The voltage should be the same and above 11.25 volts. if not, check for bad earths, especially on the battery and starter.


Next, with the bike switched off, disconnect the battery +ve lead, set the multimeter to current mode and connect it inline between the battery + and the disconnected lead. There should be zero current flow. If there is current flowing, with the meter in circuit, pull the fuses one at a time to try and isolate the circuit.


Also check for chafing of the cables where they go through sharp turns or are held against edges or angles.


It could of course just be a bad battery from new, misshandling between the factory and the parts counter can damage them.


Cya, Andy thumbsup.gif

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thanks for the thoght,s the battery is definatley good i guess i have to donn my snorkel and dive into the depths to investigate still it,s all good practice and fun. dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifthumbsup.gif

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Since no one has yet stated the even more obvious. If you turn the ignition switch past the fork lock position, I think it is marked P for park, you will leave both the tail light and parking light encased within the headlight on and that can drain a battery as well. Easy to miss if you are parked in bright daylight. DAMHIK! blush.gif

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