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Windshield motor.


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skinny_tom (aka boney)

I'm sure it's been done, but there is a reasonable amount of troubleshooting to ensure that the motor is the actual problem.


What's going on?

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I recently replaced the entire windshield motor assembly. I first checked all the fuses and these were good.


You will have to take off the dash cover and all the plastic parts of the nose fairing down to the frame. At this point you will see the two relays that control the up and down movement of the windshield. You can interchange these relays to see if one of them is bad. (both of my relays were good and I changed them anyway as a precaution)


Replacing the entire windshield motor assembly is a bolt-in operation and much simpler than replacing just the motor in your existing assembly.


The whole front end is put together like a tinkertoy system. Should take you about three-five hours working slowly to get everything off and changed and back on again. Just bag and mark the screws as you remove them so you know where they came from when you put everything back together.


If you have a bike with a radio box and speakers, and you want to take these off the bike, this exercise would be a good excuse to remove these items while you are at it.


Hope this helps.



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As mentioned, replacement is fairly straight forward, if a bit tedious. But failure of the relays (on their sockets) is far more common than the motor.

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My problem was the up microswitch (part of the motor assy) had stuck open with the screen down so I could not get the screen to rise. Plenty tapping around the motor released it and I have had no trouble with it for 2 years.



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