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Panel Repair R1100 RT-P


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I finally took the panels off the RT-P (tupperware I think you guys call it). I found two places that are cracked. One is on the lower edge of the right panel. It appears the crack was partially repaired by someone using a piece of rubber like material. The other crack is on what I'll call the chin piece, the piece that goes across the very bottom of the bike and ties into the left and right side panels.


I did a search and could not find a relevant article.


My question is this, how to repair? Two options come to mind. One is to just use some JB Weld epoxy on the cracks. The other is to use the epoxy with a lightweight fiberglass cloth sandwich.


Can some point me to a thread on the issue or a reccomendation on repair techniques.





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Both the methods you stated are not good repairs on ABS plastic.


Abs is one of the easiest materials to repair in my opinion.


ABS glue as used in plastic drain pipes backed with scrap abs to secure the bond.


Do a google search for more info.

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Hi. I have made strong repairs on ABS by melting the platic back together using a soldering iron. If appearance is critical you will need to rub down fill and repaint however if the crack is out of sight it doesn't matter quite as much.


You will need to clean any paint off each side of the crack and on the front and reverse side of the repair. I then use the soldering iron to melt both sides and using a stiring action weave them back together. You can add more material from any scrap plastic if you need to.


If you can find some abs solvent you can repair the crack but I have not found it to be as strong as heat welding. You can even make a plastic paint by using shavings of plastic and disolving them in the abs solvent. You can use this to fill in scuffs and other rough areas.


Bear in mind that the item you want to repair may not be abs plastic as bike manufacturers use a selection of different plastics. Normally the type of plastic is stamped into the panel. ABS solvent glues will only work with ABS plastic and not for example polyethylene.



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