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Clear Lenses for Rear Brake & Turn Signal Lights


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Ebay always has a set of clear lenses for front turn signals up for sale for about $30. I think they look neat! But I haven't been able to find matching rear lenses anywhere. Anyone know if they exist?


In other news, I just did my first maintenance on the bike, a complete fluid change (oil, trans, and FD). All went without a hitch. Next I'll try to tackle valve adjustment...



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Clear lenses for the RT rear turns are not available.


I would imagine the cost of production for the aftermarket supplier outweighed their projected return.

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After a quick look at WWW.CLEARALTERNATIVES.COM I couldn't turn anything up. You might take a bit more time and check it out. Or even call them....They had the lenses for my LT, though they don't show up on their listing. 1-866-CLR-LENS.



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