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K1200rs side stand


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Well, I contemplated desgning a right side stand to help Laney with Buddies little smoking problem but she put him on the patch. grin.gif


I don't recall any rash of posts about K12RS's falling over all over the place either. If your nervous about the bike rolling off the stand, park it in gear. I never had any problems with mine.

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Has anyone improved the pathetic side stand on this bike? It hardly goes beyond 90 degrees and has no resistance.
I modified the stand on my old RS... I ground down the stop on it so that the stand folded out more forwards. This was after a near incident on a flat piece of ground that turned out to have a very slight downward slope.


By grinding down the stop I also increased the angle that the bike leaned which also helped with stability.


After my modification the foot of the sidestand was about 1-2 inches further forwards than the standard sidestand.


Because of the modification the spring was forced to stretch more when I folded up the sidestand which caused it to sit better also.

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I’ve thought about this too as I’ve almost pushed my bike over to the right a couple times while trying to latch the left lid with the left case stuffed full of clothes. As others have mentioned, the easiest way to modify the S/S would be to grind the stop back a little further allowing the stand to swing out further forward on its arc and increase the lean angle of the bike.


Remember though that BMW purposely designed the stand this way specifically to limit the lean angle because of the horizontal orientation of the pistons in the engine. When the engine is shut down, steep lean angles could allow oil to seep past the piston rings, pooling in the combustion chambers and producing excessive smoking on startup. Some people seem to experience this smoking anytime they park their bike on the S/S, but I’ve never had so much as a puff of smoke from mine. Must be an individual characteristic of each bike, probably dependent upon how well the piston rings seated during engine break in. If your bike doesn’t have a smoking problem you might want to explore the S/S modification further.

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Well, I contemplated desgning a right side stand to help Laney with Buddies little smoking problem but she put him on the patch. grin.gif



And now I can proudly park like a girl anytime, anywhere, without fear of embarassment or tickets. grin.gif


I don't think much of the side stand either, at least the lack of resistance. It only takes once, but if you move the bike forward in the garage, and the stand touches the ground at all, it can retract enough to not hold the bike when you set it on the side stand again..


I did catch it before it fell that time... smile.gif

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