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2002 R1150RT


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Just picked up a 2002RT with 26K on it. Wanted to get some opions on what oil/weight ppl are using on the engine, transmisson and final drive. Also anything else anyone can recommend. This is my first RT and have been running a Triumph Sprint before this. Thanks



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Hi Mark, welcome to the board. I'm sure you'll love your RT and the miles will continue...


Boy, thats a topic beat to death here, use the search function and you'll get alot of opinions!


Here's my $.02. Stick with Non-synthetic BMW product. 20W50 Nonsynthetic for the motor and Non-synthetic 80w90 for the gearbox and final drive. However, alot of people here will chime in a say synthetics are better. Your RT has enough miles on it that you could go with synthetic. If your Maintenance/Technical Owners manual states that synthetic is already in the bike ( thats banking on the fact the previous owner took the time to record that ), then put synthetic in. But again, stick with the regular old dinosaur oil, you'll save a few bucks and life will be good thumbsup.gif

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Hi, Mark. Welcome. You'll get a lot of good responses and info from the people on this board. My 2 cents: I use 20W50 dino in all of my bikes. I change it every 3K miles. My philosophy is that the viscosity you use is less important than filling the right quantity and changing the oil often.


For the final drive I use 75W140 synthetic with good results.


Enjoy your new bike. Ride safely.

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There is a lot of info on this sight and many variations that have met with success. IMHO I think that any good quality fluid with the viscosity and standards specified in the manual will keep things running fine.


There are other advantages to some fluids over others such ae ease of shifting, quiet, less weeping...


I use Castrol GTX 15W50 engine oil, Redline Shockproof Heavy Gearbox oil and BMW 75W140 gear oil in the final drive. There are reasons I have gone to each of these:

Castrol - Relatively inexpensive but good quality oil that doesn't seem to break down due to heat.

Redline - smooth shifting and noticeably quieter.

BMW - Cause Redline seems to foam up and come out the vent and I get some weeping with other gear oils.


You will get tons of opinions. Hope this helps.

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Wanted to get some opions on what oil/weight ppl are using on the engine




I have been told that changing the oil to 15w/50 semi synthetic car oil may help as it used in turbo charged engines and is more efficient at removing heat and as the engine is oil/air cooled this make sense


Also change the spark plugs to BRISK this makes a huge difference to the running


Hope this helps

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