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Easy Comm system?


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I've only browsed a bit and being lazy all the mc system look complex. Could it be as simple as getting a headset for the helment and attaching to a voice activated FRS radio with good battery life?

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For bike-to-bike communication what you suggest would work, although you might want the greater immediacy of response available through a PTT button. All of this is available with either the Autocom Kit21 (for Kenwood radios) or Kit23 (for Motorola radios).


If you're considering such a system for rider/passenger communication, with each having their own radio, it would likely be more difficult. Two radios positioned that closely can often have difficulty communicating cleanly. Also, your personal conversations could be listened to by anyone who was also on the same frequency.


If you're looking for a simple intercom system, with some added features but not all the bells and whistles of the more sophisticated systems, take a look at the Autocom Easi-Rider. Simple VOX communication.


For something portable, the Active-Rider gives you the option of operating off a 9V battery, or being bike powered. Either way, you can have a system that will meet your needs today (and in the case of the Active, grow to meet your needs tomorrow as well by allowing the addition of stereo music, GPS, Radar, etc.) for the price of a good helmet.

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thanks, I'll investigate the autocom - no radio on the r1200rt though. I was actually thinking of driver/rider for a quick setup.


I've been using the iPod for entertainment, but I'm one of these people who like the sounds of the road. I'm also a gadget guy, so seeing the pictures of the ipod, gps, radio, camera, etc makes me want to spend $$. smile.gif

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Doubt if a voice activated radio will work very well ... too much ambient noise while you're riding. Push-to-talk (PTT) button works best. I use a Midland GXT500 ("cheapie") GMRS with rechargable battery and built in antenna ... it works great.

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I've been aN HJC chatterbox user for 6-7 years now (currently an FRS X2). Although I can hook up cellphones and GPS etc, I typically don't. I do use it mostly for B2B comm. I like the fact that in that mode, I am free from being tethered to my bike.


If you look on the Aerostich site or in their latest catalogs, you'll see HJC is coming out with a new unit. A base unit that will mount somewhere on the bike and can take inputs from Cellphone, MP3, GPS and other devices. The base unit on the bike has a small (3"?) antenna. On your helmet, you'll just have a pretty small receiver/xmitter that works via Bluetooth and receives and transmits to the base unit. Looks pretty interesting and at $497 seems priced to give some of the other multi-input devices another competitor.


I have had no problems with my chatterbox units. The only folks I know of who have hadn't installed them properly. They are sensative to wind and the mike needs to be well protected from it. I've held a voice activated perfectly audible conversation near 150mph with mine. Not bad for a $204 unit. I wrote a review on an earlier model, which is posted on our club website (link in signature below).



Good like with whatever you decide on.

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I appreciate the info - it's always better to talk to someone who has a product. ok, so the x2 is an FRS radio and I'm with you about not being tethered to the bike.


I may buy that, but I was originally looking for rider-passenger. From the HJC - Chatterbox site 1) I can't tell the difference between the hjc-50 & 60 models and 2)From the picture it looks like you are wired to each other? Forget that.

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