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What's maintenance costs on new K bikes compared to R bikes?


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I'm just curious. I was reading in a bike rag about the 6k service being done on a K1200 and they changed the oil/filter and hooked it up the the computer and checked everything out, changed some things that weren't working 100%, and downloaded a new program. It was $150. What would that have cost if the valves and TB's needed done. Even for what they did, I thought $150 sounded a little cheap. Just curious. It's not like I was at the dealership, just today, fondling one of the 2 new GT's they had there (at $20k a pop). Terry

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This is an interesting topic, Willie--I've seen some real horror stories lamenting what the authors felt were inflated and unnecessary charges for maintenance to both Ks and Rs.

Is there anyone who can provde some benchmarks or some sort of normal or "ideal" pricing for standard maintenance on the bikes?

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Obviosly the final cost on a service will vary as dealers rates for labor ard parts are different. In general I have found the R bike a bit cheaper to get serviced. The jugs on my GS are out there in the wind and easy to get to for valve service. The K will take some labor to get to the valves but will need adjustment less often. The computer will tell the tech when to check them based on how the bike is ridden. There is also the fact that the K's are water cooled and the cooling system will need service at some point. I try to combine services when I can. ex. If the valves need to be done, and it's getting anywhere close to an annual, have them note that the coolant was done as a result of the valve service so it doesn't have to be done again as part of the annual. My guys also give me a break on labor if it happens to need tires during a service as it's already on the lift and torn apart.

Some would disagree but I think my K12S was a bargain to buy and maintain for the thrill I get riding it.

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