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BMWMOA Vermont - Well Done


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Just a post of congrats on a very well managed and interesting rally. My first indication that this was going to be a good one, was finding rally maps and flyers awaiting me at my hotel, and and various restaurants around Burlington. Getting into the rally ( not prepaid ) was without drama, and once in, the quality of vendors, displays and such was great.


Everyone out there should be commended for a very well-though-out and managed expo.


This was my first BMWMOA Rally and I will definitely be going to others in the future.


Thanks for everyone's efforts ! sb

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Getting into the rally ( not prepaid ) was without drama, and once in, the quality of vendors, displays and such was great.


Everyone out there should be commended for a very well-thought-out and managed expo. Thanks for everyone's efforts ! sb


Agree 100%! It was a fantastic rally. I'm planning on going to Wisconsin next year.

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How was the dinner and ride to Montreal?

We never had the time this year,but next year for sure.A ride and dinner to Chicago?

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OK, so we're all back from the rally safe and sound and it's time for a rally/ride report. My buddy Herb on his R1150R (same as my old bike) with 13 yo son Tom riding pillion and my other pal Tony ('01 K1200RS) showed up at my house in NJ before 0900 Wednesday morning. The plan was to meet another buddy, Josh (K1200LT) just over the NY State border at 1000 and then fly up the NY Thruway to Essex , NY to take the Essex-Charlotte ferry across to VT. We wanted to make good time hence the route choice. Besides, it does get nice and scenic way north.

After my wife Deidre pumped coffee/OJ/bagels into us and some last minute pre-flight checks we were off. Thaat's Herb on the left, Tony K-bike on the right.


We hooked up with Josh in Sloatsburg, NY in under and hour and with the LT as the pace vehicle we flew up into the hinterlands of NY State.


My ST with Givi V46 (I normally use the BMW 28 liter topcase)


Me (finger in ear) and Herb


Tony K-bike



We found a great place to eat, Scotty's Diner, just off Exit 16 attached to a gas station. Great home style food.

Herb and Tom ready to pull out:


The ride up the Thruway was entirely uneventful and as a matter of fact nearly devoid of LEO presence. My V1 squawked a couple of times, and only briefly.


We made our way to the ferry terminal in Essex - a quaint little town surrounded by some great roads. We met up with several other riders heading to the rally and enjoyed the 20 minute ride across Lake Champlain.








We booked some rooms at the T Bird Motor Inn in Shelburne, VT. We spent Wednesday night there (not far from the rally site). Great little motel. Clean rooms, and a pool in back. We took full advantage. No one was up for riding that evening (especially since we were planning on having a few) so we took a cab to a local steak joint, the "Sirloin Saloon". Had a great dinner and sampled some local brews.

Tony & Tony:



Josh and Herb:



We were up at 0600 Thursday for the final short ride into Essex Junction, aiming to get there when the gates opened. I opened the door to my room and this is what I saw - a rather large man in boxer shorts cleaning a rather large motorcycle.



There were already tons of people on line for registration. It wasn't bad, however, there was free coffee, and it was a beautiful morning. After setting up camp on "Blueberry Hill" (overlooking the blue rental tents) we set off for Libby's Blue Line Diner in town for a great meal. Nice people too.


Joshua had a room booked at the Sheraton in Burlington as his wife Lola was arriving by air from NYC - nevertheless they used our camp as their base of operations while at the rally, and we were happy to have them.






Tom (R1150R), with Tony, Tony, Herb



Tom and a nice sunset Thursday night:



The rally was well managed and very well attended - over 9,000, surpassing last year's numbers at Lima. It was a good facility, lots of food vendors, and plenty of good camping space, Also very close to local business (pizza, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, Chinese food, HW Store, strip mall, etc..) all within walking distance. The VFW Post outside the side gate was offering BBQ dinners and breakfasts to the rally attendees for cheap $$. Most of the vendors were housed in a large air-conditioned building. BMW Motorrad was there with their 2 trailers and the full fleet of demo bikes. Trailer # 2 had samples of their current and upcoming apparel line.


As usual, however, there were lines for the showers in the morning and sometimes a lack of hot water, Not really a big deal and quite manageable. The weather could have been a bit better, it started raining Saturday afternoon and didn't stop until we were on our way home, having crossed back over Lake Champlain to New York. The closing ceremony on Saturday evening was conducted entirely in a steady downpour with everyone under the grandstand's roof.


We took a nice ride on Saturday morning, doing the loop around Lake Champlain. A good portion of it was on dirt or compacted gravel roads, All the riders/bikes fared well. A photo op at a State Park on the shore of the Lake:

Yours truly


Tom testing the water temperature:


The bikes:


The people - Craig, Herb,Tom, Josh, Lola, Tony K-bike, TonyT607:


Getting ready to move out:




We cut things short when the rain hit and made our way back to Josh's hotel where he and Lola treated everyone to a nice lunch and where we spent a couple of hours staring at the Weather Channel.


Tony T and Lola:



Tony K-bike and Tom. Notice the TV screen.



Craig and Herb:



Tony, Lola, Josh



Herb's son Tom:



Josh's wife flew home early Sunday morning so after breaking camp in the rain, we all headed over to the Sheraton to have breakfast and plan our ride home. After consulting the Weather Channel and the NOAA/NWS Live Doppler on my laptop we decided to make the 1130 ferry out of Burlington. We had mostly clear weather for the ride home, and in fact it got very bright and sunny while we were still north of Albany. We stopped to strip off the rain gear:



Again, an easy and uneventful ride, and Herb's son Tom got to ride on the back of Josh's LT. That was one happy kid. I think I know what Herb is getting Tom for Christmas.........


These pictures are on the CVE (Champlain Valley Expo) website; much better than the photos I took:


BMW MOA Arrival and Registration, Thursday - that's us in the 4th picture:



Thursday afternoon:



Friday - that's my tent and pirate flag in the 5th Pic:



Saturday - rain day !


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Wow Tony - great pics and great report. Nice ST too.


Man, gas prices there are just a LEEEEETLE bit more expensive. Whew.


Thanks for sharing.

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Great ride report and I'm glad someone took pictures grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

I got home and realized that I had only clicked off about 6 pics bncry.gif


Oh well always next year thumbsup.gif

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Great ride report and I'm glad someone took pictures grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

I got home and realized that I had only clicked off about 6 pics bncry.gif


Oh well always next year thumbsup.gif


Rocks, post 'em if you got 'em !


BTW in the interest of full disclosure I should mention that maybe half the pics in my post (the better ones) were taken by Josh with his hi-res kick-ass serious digital camera...


See you in Wisconsin in '07 !

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Excellent ride report and pictures. I had a deal come up at work and couldn't go, so seeing your story and photos really were enjoyable and helped to ease the pain.

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Great pictures!

I just got back in the saddle after nearly 20 years and I was sooo looking forward to the rally!

Then last week my clutch started slipping and the local dealer could'nt get it done in time for the rally, I didn't want to chance it and make the rally only to break down.

It was a good thing because I was riding locally until my shop appt. when the clutch let go; meaning the clutch master went dry, now I know why the clutch was slipping.

The slave was leaking on the clutch disc, had I been watching the level I would have caught that.

OH well, thats life. I am really excited about riding again and the BMW crowd is a neat group of people.

I was concerned that the only people I would meet would be would be typical "bikers" making a lot of noise and in general dragging down the image of anyone on 2 wheels.

This site and the MOA site is such a great group of people that I can't wait to meet some of you folks.

I joined a BMW club here in western N.Y. and up until now am getting the courage to get out in the crazy traffic these days, I hate driving my car now, people are out of control on the roads.

But the cycling thing is ADDICTING!!

My 2002 RT is like driving the space shuttle compared to the british bikes and yammies I last drove before I hung up my helmet. I lost my nerve, had a couple close calls.

I want to ride to Wisconsin next year for the next int. rally and will try to make some local ones as well.

Hope to hook up with some of you folks next year clap.gif.

sea ya thumbsup.gif,


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Tony what a great report and pictures, I loved every part of the story.

Thanks for sharing and taking the time to do it. thumbsup.gif



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This was by far the best national I've attended. The organization at the fairgrounds was great. Plenty of food on-site and lots of things within easy walking distance. Great roads and fabulous scenery where ever you went. My only regret is that I didn't schedule more time off so I could do and see more. I went up planning to buy some things, never did, too busy riding. Thought I'd catch a few seminars that looked interesting, never did, too busy riding.


I didn't take nearly enough photos, but here's a report and a sampling of what I did take.


I waited for a friend to get off work Tuesday and Mark and I left Roanoke, VA about 4pm. We stopped just north of Harrisburg, PA and got a room. In the morning, we chatted with the owners of two other bikes that had joined ours under the check-in circle parking during the night and then headed out. Rode up the Delaware Water Gap, through the Catskills and into the Adirondacks.



After missing a turn in the Catskills



Overlook in the Adirondacks



Stopped in Lake Eaton State Park Wednesday night



And went back to Long Lake for rib night.



Thursday we went past the Olympic Training Center,




before having breakfast in Lake Placid.



We had plenty of people to chat with when we arrived at Port Kent.




Where we took the ferry to Burlington.


Arriving at the fairgrounds we found a tremendous line in the heat of the day waiting to register. Just as I was going back to get more water, I was informed that I was in the unregistered line. Moved to the preregistered line and stepped right up to the registration table.



Settled in. That's Mark(in the blue), Fritz, and Paul (in the grey).



This sidecar was across the road from us and attracted quite a bit of attention all weekend.





After enjoying the vendors (and the air conditioning) Thursday afternoon, I headed down to Al's. Unfortunately, with so many groups converging there, it was hard to tell who was who. Nonetheless, met a bunch of people and had a good time.



Friday I took a ride around the Champlain islands, following Hank and Liz in their rig.


Hank and Liz



We stopped at Fort Ste. Anne,



before heading to Canada.


Saturday, we took a ride around the Northeast Kingdom. Stopping for breakfast at a diner in Newport.


Lake Memphremagog from Newport, VT


After a quick jaunt into New Hampshire, we made our way past


Lake Willoughby. My poor photography does this an injustice. It was easy to see why Vermont Life voted it the "Most Beautiful Place in Vermont"


Despite all the signs, the only moose we saw was


this one in the store/post office in Glover.


After lunch at the Busy Bee Diner (7 stools, 2 tables) in Glover (pop. 966), we worked our way back to Essex. By heading east we were dry all day Saturday until we got back to within 40 miles of Essex and dry clothes and a somewhat dry beer garden. Sunday we packed up in light rain but were out of it by the time we crossed into NY at Crown Point. Interstate from Schroon Lake, NY put me home in SW Virginia by 9:30pm Sunday.

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