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TB air screws are both locked tight on the housing, got them lose


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I was able to get them out by filing down a screwdriver so that I had to tap it into the slot then used a pliers on the screwdriver to turn it while pushing on the end, long process, but they came free. Some whitish power came out, like corrosion, probably because I rode all winter long in the salt. So I cleaned them up and put a little grease on, hopefully they will not tighten up again.

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Yeah, it isn't common but could easily happen. The whitesh powder is probably aluminum oxide. Getting a saline solution up on the threads, which, I think, are outside the O-rings, could easily lead to that corrosion. The aluminum throttle bodies, in the best of conditions, don't really like to be associated with brass, now add a bit of corrosion and you have a problem. Nicely done on fitting a screwdriver blade to the slots, it is the right thing to do. A little valve grinding paste on the blade will also help with bite.


The grease is a good idea as well but there is better stuff, KopperKote (sp) or just a plain anti-sieze woud probably be better if you feel up to removing them again. Avoid this stuff on the O-ring but a tiny little bit worked into the threads with a finger will help a bunch.


I like to lubricate the O-rings with a very thin film of Dow Corning vacuum grease. It is a pretty high temperature grease as well and the tiny amount I use shouldn't ever be an issue for the catalytic converter. The stuff does contain silicone which is bad for cats.

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This is not exactly on the same topic, but related.


I haven't yet attempted a TB synch. I'm heading out on a trip in a week and will leave well enough alone until I get back just in case I futz it up.


However, in looking at the TB screws it appears as if the previous person who did a TB synch put a small drop of loctite or something similar on the edge of threads where they screw in the body -- I'm assuming to prevent the screws from moving due to vibration. I don't know yet if this will make it difficult to adjust them or not (i.e. how easily the bond will break). Again, it's only a small drop.


Is this common practice? My manuals or other primers on TB synchs I've found online don't mention doing this. Will the screws hold their position without any help?

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