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Best Tankbag

Retired At LAst

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Retired At LAst

Anybody have a suggestion on the best tankbag for a 1999 1100Rt-P?


Easy on/off for gas. Durable, map case etc.



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You'll get a lot of recomendations for the BigMac, and I agree. It's a fine bag, a little spendy, but a brilliant design. I love mine. clap.gif

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While I have a Big Mak and like it a lot, if I were buying now I'd look seriously at one of the new bags that latch on to a small ring around the gas filler like twisted throttle or Marsee Corona . These are much less intrusive when you remove the bag than the Big Mak.

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I use the BigMak and have a large bag which I use with a second smaller bag for touring and then just the smaller bag on its own for the daily ride to work.


With my two BigMak options it means the ugly mounting plate from the BigMak set up is less of an issue as the small bag on the daily rides takes up little space and covers the mount. Of course that means extra dollars to buy but since they stack on each other for touring still a good option in my view.


If you search the forum you question has been asked a few times with plenty of replies and alternative products.



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I have the Big MaK, with both a medium bag and the map case, on my 1100S and it is no longer my bag of choice. Instead, I am back to a Marsee teardrop as my primary tank bag. Easy enough to swtich from bike to bike, a strap set is about $10.00. For gassing, I just unclip the two rear straps and move it forward and a bit to the side. Takes all of 10 seconds or so and I can do it sitting on the bike as that is often my mode of fueling.


When touring, or travelling long distance, it is a simple matter, I leave space for it, to pop it in my tail trunk, along with my electroics package, GPS, XM, V1, right in my Givi tail trunk.


There is a chance of scratching the paint but, a wipe with a damp microfibre towel before mounting pretty much keeps that to a minimum.


I contemplated the Givi quick release bag or the Marsee Corona but didn't see the time saving as all that much or the price difference to be worth the small savings in time. Just my opinion of course.

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I have a Marsee bag, not sure what the model is, but I too switch the bag between my R1100 and the V-Strom. I use some of the non-skid shelf liner type stuff, not sure what it is called, and I get no scratching whatsoever. Bought an extra set of attachment straps, think Marsee charged me $8 and mailed them post haste. Good set up, and handy.

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I have had many tankbags over the year including the BMW and the Harro. I am on my second Marsee and love the way it works on my 1150RT. Top quality and good folks to work with.


Ride safe,



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I am very pleased with the two different size bags from Twisted Throttle. An extra ring for my GS and I can uuse either bag on either bike without the ugly rack from the Big Mak when I'm bagless. Decent price too.

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I was at Americade this year and I purchased a Motech Engage bag that uses a "horseshoe" to easily engage/disengage. I am very happy with the bag (about $150). The bag is very well make, is waterproof, easy to install and nice looking. The design makes gassing up a breeze. I have no regrets in placing my BMW bag in the closet.


Keith G.

Bethlehem, PA

'04 R1150RT


PS. This is my first post.

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