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MRF Scores $25M For Motorcycle-Related Uses!


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July 22, 2006


#06NR13 - MRF Announces Federal Motorcycle Safety Grant Program Users Guide


The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is pleased to announce the finalization of the National Highway Traffic Administration's (NHTSA) Motorcycle Safety Grant Program.


This program will provide much needed federal dollars from the Highway Trust Fund to the individual State's to help fund motorcycle safety programs.


This program is the direct result of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, the supporting State Motorcycle Rights Organizations (SMRO's) and all the individual motorcyclists who have lobbied for this program over the past four years.


The grant program runs annually through 2009 and sets aside $25 million dollars to be spent at $100,000.00 a year per State.


In order to be eligible for the funds The States must meet one of six criteria and two the second and subsequent years. The criteria are that the applying State must have:


1. A motorcycle rider training program

2. A motorcycle awareness program

3. A reduction in fatalities involving motorcycles

4. An effective impaired driving program

5. A reduction in fatalities and accidents involving impaired motorcyclists

6. Use of fees collected from motorcyclist for motorcycle programs must be used for motorcycle programs




The MRF is also pleased that the final program retains all of the same intents set forth by Congress in the original legislation.


For a complete guide to the program and all of the specifics on how, where and when to apply visit:

this site!

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