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Throttle cable 99 R1100RT


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How difficult is it to replace the throttle cable on a 99 RT. Does the gas tank have to be removed ? Is the idle speed adjusted at the top or bottom of the cable and again, does the tank have to be removed ? BMW says the cable should not be lubed. What do you think. Thanks guys, you have been a great help in the past.

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"Difficult" is in the eyes of the do'er, but there is some involvement. Yes the tank has to come off. The cable from the twist grip goes to a junction box under the battery tray, that then splits if off to each throttle body.


Idle speed is not controlled by the cable(s). It is set my the Motronic computer on properly adjusted throttle bodies.


The cables should not be lubed. (IMHO.)


If after this overview you still want to get into doing a cable replacement yourself, a lot of us have done it and can give you more instuctions/assistance.

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I would love to know how to do this on my 2001 R1100RT-P.


My throttle is very hard to turn and the excersize is

making my hand very strong ;-).


I can no longer afford to go running to the dealer for every little thing after the latest repair bill for melted wiring..

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