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XM + Autocom


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Hello -


This is my first post here. I am having a problem with my XM Radio (Pioneer Airwave) and my Autocom Pro M1.


I tried the XM on the bike for the 1st time yesterday. It worked for about 30 seconds, then the sound stopped.


Some more info:

The radio is powered by its own radio, the Autocom is bike powered. When the XM cuts out, the display is still lit, there are bars showing signal is good, its like the mute button is on. The XM only does this when the bike is running. I tried both inputs on the Autocom (music and aux).

I removed the audio jack from the XM and plugged the earphones in. There was still no sound. I had to shut the XM off, and turn it back on.

The audio cable I am using has a 2.5mm and a 3.5mm jack. I used an adapter from radioshack to make them both 3.5mm.


I do not get any engine noise when the radio is working.


I called Autocom and theu could not give me any info. He suggested I try another portable device to test the autocom. I dont have another device.


Can anyone help me with this?




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I changed the audio cable between the Autocom and XM radio. Same thing happens.


I played my recorded music that I saved on the XM, and i did not have the problem. I switched back to live radio, and it kept playing (I played it for about 3 minutes).


I was hoping it was something as easy as the cable.

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What kind of cable did you switch to? Was it a straight cable or did it have a resistor in it to prevent a ground loop?

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This is just a regular 3.5mm audio cable (no ground loop). I am not getting any engine noise or static.


In my first post I meant to type the XM is powered by its own battery (not by its own radio).

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Well it would be unlikely, but not impossible I suppose, for both inputs on the Autocom to be bad.


I think your going to have to do as suggested, get you hands on another input device, borrow someone's MP3 player for a minute or something, and try it into the Autocom. Your going to have to narrow it down to one or the other somehow.

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I'm hoping someone at work will let me borrow an ipod.


I cant understand why it does this only when the bike is running - it never does it when the bike is off (key on).


One other thing that I thought of was my Kenwood FRS radio. I have this going into the autocom and running off the bike's power. I had the Kenwood on, but I was not keying the mic. Earlier when I had the XM working (for 3 minutes) I shut the kenwood off. I'll try it with the kenwood off for a longer ride.


I can imagine this would make a difference, but then again, I cannot figure this out!



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I have the Pro M1 unit and this is plugged into the music jack. I tried both jacks.


I rode to work a few hours ago and the XM worked. This is what i did...


I shut the kenwood off, played the recorded XM. I drove a 1/2 mile and hit the live XM button and it stayed on for the 25 minutes to work. When I was about 5 minutes from work, I turned the kenwood on to see if it would make any difference. It did not make a difference.

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I removed the audio jack from the XM and plugged the earphones in. There was still no sound. I had to shut the XM off, and turn it back on.


based on this it doesn't seem like it would be an Autocom issue. After you turned the radio back on did it do the same thing with the earphone? You may have a defect within the radio unit output. confused.gif

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