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Brake Pads Suggestions?


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I need to replace the front brake pads soon on my '99 RT and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with EBC's Sintered Double-H Pads? It seems a lot of people on this forum like EBC; but are you guys using the organic pads or the Double-H pads?


Any other suggestions?

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John Dickens

I'm using EBC organic pads.


FA246 Front and FA363 Rear.


They work much the same as the OEM pads but are far less dusty. They are also kind to the discs.

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I've used both. Typically, I stay with the non-sintered and have great performance. Recently I went with the sintered upon advice of someone who said that they have less fade in the wet. Either product will work well for you. The sintered will wear your rotors faster because of the metal in the pads.

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I have just replaced mine with SBS sintered. I couldn't imagine wanting any more stopping power although I've nothing to compare it with. The reason I replaced from EBC was that a burst oil seal had contaminated the old pads with oil.



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I recently swapped out the OEM pads (front and rear) with SBS and am so far very impressed. The bike pulls up with FAR less effort then with the stock pads.

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I fitted Alpha Technik SuperSport Road and Circuit sintered "AB12" pads on the advice of a BMW service dept I had visited near Munich. He told me that he had stopped stocking BMW OEM pads as these were much superior.


After two years and another 15K miles road use I'm still on this set with a spare set to hand.


I noticed an immediate improvement in that my usual two finger lever pressure was less. The downside is a little front squeal just when coming to a halt.







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What about EBC "Green Pads"? What are the part numbers for the Sintered Pads and Green Pads for an RT?


Front pads EBC FA246

Rear pads EBC FA363 (or maybe FA245 as well)


The above for the organic, non-sintered metal, pads. Add "HH" for sintered metal pads.


Both work, HH work better.

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