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Tow Trucks


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I may take advantage of my AAA svc and have the bike towed to the LD. I'm uneasy about riding with my FD loose as it is.

Anything to watch out for to make sure whatever tow svc arrives knows what he's doing and does not mess up my bike (ie: tiedown points, etc.)?

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I had a bike picked up by a bob tail tow truck once. That wasn't a good day.

I really thought he was going to mangle it as it hung off the back of the rig.

Not a scratch.

With the flat bed guys they have nylon tie downs sometimes. When you call specify it's for a motorcycle and that they bring the proper tie downs.


Oh also make sure you have the proper AAA coverage.Motorcycles are not covered on the basic plan meaning you would need to pay for the tow unless you get a nice tow guy.

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Paul Mihalka

When my bike's Hall sensor failed, BMW roadside got me a guy with a flatbed truck who had a "Hog Hauler", a wide frame on wheels witha front a wheel clamp and attachment points for straps. Once the bike was strapped into the device, it was pulled up onto the flatbed by the winch. It worked OK.

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