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Cleaning chrome exhaust


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Does anyone know how to remove melted plastic from my K1200GT's chrome exhaust? From a black Joe Rocket plasticized textile pant. I have tried every solution I have (household cleaners, paint remover, metal polish, rubbing compound).



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It's just sitting on top right?

and being plasitc or nylon like you say all the things you tried wont affect it.

so razorblade it off

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Funny you should ask that question. Today I spent a FEW HOURS cleaning one of my chrome exhaust pipes as well as the cross-over pipe.


While riding one day in Gunnison we stopped for a rest and someone smelled plastic burning. Seems a plastic bag wrapped itself around my hot exhaust and pretty much melted on.


Back at the KOA campgroud Les_is_More looked it up on the Board and sent me the posts regarding this question (seems we're not the first to experience it smirk.gif). Do a search for "Exhaust cleaner recommendations needed" posted on 02/26/06 by "hophead".


Otherwise, someone suggested I use a plastic (picnic) knife while the exhaust was still a little hot & scrape the worst of it off; it worked great!! I followed up with some chrome polish and it looks fine.


Good luck,



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Soak a rag with laquer paint thinner or acetone. You will have to wait a while but the solvent will soften it enough to get it off. If you scratch the chrome with a razor you can't fix it, however the stainless parts can be polished out.

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