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1999 R1100S Give me the skinny Gearheads


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Might be getting a 1999 R1100S with 14K on it, non-ABS model. Any issues with this bike I should know of? I am a current RT and LT owner so I am familiar with the Boxer and BMW motorcycles.

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My '02 has given me over 50K miles of trouble free service. Alternator belt went at 48K and that is it. Plus the light weight and added power over the RT/RS (different headers) makes it a sweet bike. Do plan on a shock upgrade but that pretty much applies to any BMW.

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Hi, Amsoil-


I had a '99 for 18 months and 15,000 miles. It, too, was a non-ABS bike, pretty rare, I think. Loved the bike, handling, power, everything but the seat. In fact, that is the reason I sold it. I would have liked more fuel capacity, hence range, but sitting on it for a length of time was the worst. Didn't feel like spending $600+ on a seat that might not cure it. I had no issues with reliability at all. I kept the low bars and high pegs, they didn't bother me.



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I don't quit rate for the mileage like "the village grouch" but i have done 1000mi days on my mine, the seat can be customized if you find the fit not to your likeing, yo will find some many other things that will occupy your attention, (like riding) that the seat is a lesser concern.


i've added HID lowbeam,intake screens, and have alist of features still to come, www.pelicanparts.com has a forum focused for the r1100s thumbsup.gif

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I have one. I had it since 1999. Love it. Only downside is that the pillion seat is not too comfortable for long rides. I m fine with my stock rider seat. I go on long rides to Thailand ( more than 1000 km a day ).


Its a very good bike ( of course the new 1200s are better ).

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