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Touratech handlebarr bracket question


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I have a Touratech handlebar bracket for a Garmin 26/27XX GPS and have two questions.


(1) From the riders seat looking at the bracket, there is a "...special mount for your power cable." Is the purpose of this "mount" to store the power cable connector when the GPS is not on the bike, or what?

(2) From the same position looking at the bracket, there is a black pin from side to side on the rear that is pointed on one end and has a knob on the other. For the life of me, I have no idea the purpose of this pin! TIA for enlightenment!

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1) You transfer your power connector from your current mount to the TT mount so as to make the power connection when snapping your GPS in.


2)Sounds like you are talking about the clamp bar that swings down over the front of the GPS unit and applies pressure to it to hold it in place. Yes?


What specific model of TT mount for the 276C (there are four) are we talking about?

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Thanks for the post. We are talking about the Touratech Model # 01-065-0068 Locking Bracket mounted on the Touratech handlebar rod and a Garmin 2720. It appears that the power connector faces away from the Garmin when snapped into the 'power mount'. This has me baffled as there seems to be no way for power to be transferred to the Garmin in this position. I don't think we are talking about the same plastic rod on the back of the mount. The one that I am trying to describe has a sharp point on the left end and a knob on the right end. It is on the bracket a little higher than midway of the Garmin. Again, thanks for the help.

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